Packing / Unpacking

Packing & Unpacking

At AEGIS we provide packing-related services. If you have not even started packing to move, or even if you have, consider our packing services, where professional packers can come in and help you finish up in no time. Our team of packers will use the best packing techniques and will keep your belongings well organized and safe. You will be impressed at how quickly it goes. We also understand If you are the one that prefers to pack yourself, we can provide you with premium packing materials at discounted pricing.
At AEGIS we offer partial packing services which may include a basic service of packing up your kitchen items and your fragile items including your china, your electronics, pictures, and mirrors.
We also offer full packing service which will allow you to sit comfortably in a chair without lifting a hand, while our trained staff packs up your whole house room by room providing all the labor and all the materials needed in order to complete to your satisfaction.

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When you work with AEGIS, we will bring all the packing materials necessary to you, which will simplify your move and guarantee that you will not be short anything that you need to complete your move. Our team of professionals will bring a selection of different packing materials that you would not find in any other location and would bring a large quantity of materials to make sure that all your items are secured and protected.
Our team of Professional movers and packers would bring everything needed for your move to ensure that your items are safe and protected. These packing materials will include: